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Flour, Feed, Grain Processing and Milling Industry Will Meet in Moscow

The Target of Milling Manufacturers on the Road to World Leadership Russian Market

Domestic flour, feed, grain processing machinery and mill manufacturers, which export 90 percent of their production and exceed the annual export figure of 1 billion dollars in the global market, will take a greater place in the Russian market, which is among the top 5 producer countries in the world with a grain yield of approximately 130 million tons. . With the grain corridor agreement signed with Turkey's initiatives, the moderate climate in the region and the importance of food safety and sustainable production, which has become the center of the world's agenda, will offer great potential to our domestic producers in the Russian market, which has an average grain yield of 130 million tons. IDMA, the largest fair of the sector in the world; It will bring local flour, feed, grain processing machinery and mill manufacturers together with the world grain store Russian market. Domestic manufacturers, which rank second behind China in world exports; IDMA, which will take place in Moscow, the capital of Russia, between November 30 and December 2, 2022, is taking firm steps towards its goal of world leadership with Russia.


Russia, which is the first in buckwheat, barley and oat production and the third in the world in wheat and rye production according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), is among the top 5 most important producing countries in the world with a grain yield of approximately 130 million tons. While the share of irrigable lands in the total agricultural land in Russia, the country with the largest surface area of ​​the world (17 million km2), was around 2 percent in 2008, this rate increased to 8 percent within the scope of the soil renewal development programs implemented in the 2010-2020 period. Russia, which has experienced a yield increase of 118 percent in the last 10 years, especially with the policies it has implemented in grain and pulses production in recent years, has also made significant progress in the livestock sector. Russia, which has approximately 500 million poultry, 25 million pigs, 19 million cattle and 23 million small cattle, and which is increasingly coming to the fore in aquaculture activities; It is among the top 10 countries in the world in the production of honey, beef and pork, egg and chicken meat from animal products. Considering the size of Russia's grain, pulses and feed market, as well as its geographical proximity to the Far East and Central Asian regions, Turkey offers great potentials for flour, feed, grain processing machinery and milling manufacturers.
Parantez Fair, which is one of the HAGE Group companies and known for its successful international grain and feed milling fairs, will be held at Moscow Crocus Fair Center between 30 November - 2 December 2022 with IDMA Russia; By exporting 90 percent of its production, it will bring domestic flour, feed, grain processing machinery and mill manufacturers, which are in the second place after China in the global market, to the world grain, pulses and feed warehouse Russian market. IDMA fairs, which will be held in various regions of the world with the motto of "International fair of the grain and feed milling industry", will enable domestic producers to establish new connections in the Russian market with IDMA Russia, which is their first stop abroad after the pandemic.


Big play against European rivals.

Stating that the Turkish milling industry is among the most important suppliers of the world, HAGE Group Chairman of the Board of Parantez Fuarcılık, Muhammed Ali Kalkan; “Currently, one of the two factories producing flour in the world has the signature of Turkish manufacturers. For this reason, our domestic companies already have significant gains in awareness, reliability, diversity and quality. Due to the increasing food needs and defensive food policies, countries want to process strategic products such as grain, feed and pulses on their own lands. At IDMA, we bring together the manufacturers who are currently producing but need to update the machinery of their facilities, and the manufacturers who plan to establish new facilities, with the mills, machinery and silo suppliers who set up these production facilities. With the moderate climate created by the grain aisle agreement, IDMA Russia, where we will bring all the stakeholders together at the Crocus Exhibition Center in Moscow between November 30 and December 2, 2022, where the issue is hottest, will provide great gains for our domestic producers.” said. Kalkan underlined the importance of IDMA Russia for domestic flour, feed, grain processing machinery and milling producers due to the region being an important grain center and Russia's strategic decision to increase flour production capacity; “Turkey is not only competing with Chinese manufacturers in the world market. It also competes with European manufacturers. Our domestic producers compete with their European competitors in terms of quality, not their Chinese competitors. Our advantage is our product, variety and price flexibility. Machinery, mill and silo manufacturers in Turkey can appeal to buyers of all sizes.

If the need is a facility with a small volume and medium quality track, our manufacturers can provide it. If the demand is a facility with high capacity and quality, our manufacturers stand out with their price advantage in quality equipment compared to European manufacturers in this regard. Russia and the CIS countries aim to establish high-quality large enterprises, not low-quality small enterprises. When the European sanctions against Russia and Turkey's neutral attitude are considered together; Our domestic manufacturers will gain significant gains against their European competitors with their ability to establish high-quality facilities with large capacity, logistics advantages and after-sales services. Russia and CIS countries are a market with great potential. By turning the special situation in this market into an opportunity, our manufacturers will both undertake the establishment of large-capacity value-added facilities and gain a significant momentum in global competition. I believe that our domestic producers will become the leader in the world's grain storage Russia and CIS countries with IDMA Russia, surpassing their European rivals and surpassing China in global market volume.” In his evaluation, he emphasized that IDMA fairs will continue to be organizations that bring together the professionals of the sector in the topics of food safety and sustainability in the countries where they are held, where relevant non-governmental organizations and academicians discuss the problems and develop solution proposals, as well as being a platform where the industry meets and new products and innovations are showcased.


Turkey aims to be the world leader in exports.

Turkey, which is the world's second largest exporter after China in the flour, feed, grain processing machinery and mill manufacturers sector, whose annual trade volume reaches 5 billion dollars, exports 90 percent of the total production amount. Our domestic producers, which differ from European producers with their low costs and product prices, stand out with their high quality from Far Eastern products. The sector, which has reached an export figure of approximately 1 billion dollars with its logistics advantages, is among the most important export items of Turkey. Our domestic producers, who set the trends in the world especially in milling technologies, provide a wide range of services from the production of milling machines to the installation of flour, grain, legumes and feed facilities. The machinery cost of a turnkey factory can vary between $1 million and $20 million, including machinery and grain storage areas.

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