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    • The items below are included in Standard (Equipped) booth installation;
    - 1 Counter,
    - 1 Table,
    - 2 Chairs,
    - Company Name Tag on top of the booth,
    - Lighting (100W spot lighting per 3 m2)
    - Electricity socket plug-in,
    - Dust bin,
    - Carpet furnished.

    • Other materials (extra chairs, LCD, etc.) needed by the companies exhibiting with a standard booth, are considered as extra materials. The services consisting of extra booth materials are provided by the SEDEF GRUP for a charge.


    • In the contract that the exhibitors with custom booth will make with their decorators, the rules below should be specified in detail. Please do not forget that decorator companies are responsible for installing "TURN-KEY BOOTH" for you.

    1. Approval of custom design booth and decoration project,
    2. Design of the booths to be able to installed and removed according to the time limits reported in the "Exhibitor Manual". Consideration of the time limits for installation and removal, otherwise to be held responsible to pay for any damage caused,
    3. Not to use any material and tool which are stated in the "Exhibitor Manual" during the application and installation of the booth in the exhibition area,
    4. Not to damage the expo area,
    5. To inform having the electricity, air and water connection of the booth to Parantez in advance, and to pay the connection charges to Sedef Grup,
    6. Evacuation of all kinds of rough waste, debris, heap and trash caused by the installation and the removal of the booth,
    7. The fire extinguisher that should be in the booth,
    8. In the event of a violation, severe penalties will follow,
    9. Reading and taking into consideration the enclosed Occupational Health and Safety Manual.

    • Exhibitor company should have Parantez Fair Inc. approved their custom booth decoration project until 1 March 2019. Parantez International Fair Inc. has the authority to inspect the project if it's applicable to the plan and conditions of the expo, and they demand changes if it seems necessary.
    • Custom design booths must have a single floor. Two-floor booth designs and applications are prohibited.
    • Maximum height for booths is 5 meters. Violating these limits is dangerous and forbidden.
    • Custom design booths should be designed and structured in a manner that they must not damage the other booths' aesthetic appearance. Writings, logos and the trademark image works should be included in booths' maximum height of 5 meters.
    • The exhibitors which are located at the center of the halls and those with an island-like booth area are prohibited from doing their custom booth decorations which is enclosed all around with 4 walls.
    • Exhibitors cannot make booth design or application which will inhibit in any way the water, electricity, pressured air, communication lines, waste water cycle systems which will be accessed through ducts located in the expo field floor.
    • The exterior of the booth installation should have the same quality standards in every facet. Also, the exterior seen from the corridors or the sides which faces neighboring booths from up top of the booths should be decorated. It is advised to communicate with the neighboring exhibitors to avoid any conflict.
    • The exhibitors which have a column in their own booths may cover the column up to 5 meters height from the ground. Exhibitors should follow these rules in this installation:
     - Covering will not be directly applied to the column and will be separated from it with a 0,5 meters space,
     - Air outlets and fire extinguishers and hoses on the columns, will not be added to the covering and these sections will always leave open.
    • Exhibitor companies and decorators should have a fire extinguisher of 6 kg which consists of dry chemical dust for every 100 m2 in their booths.


    • For an exhibitor company which has a signature in the Expo Participation Contract, to promote and present the products or services on the booth of a company which they don't represent is possible with the "Extra Exhibitor" status as it is stated in the Expo Participation Contract. In this case, they should pay $10.000 + VAT as an extra participation cost for every firm/product/service. In the booth of the company which has a signature in the contract, if there are firms/products/services which will be there as "Extra Exhibitors", they also should fill the "Exhibitor Technical Information Forms" and send them.
    • The Exhibitor company which has a signature in the Expo Participation Contract, if lets another real or legal person to use their booths without notifying Parantez Fair Inc., Parantez Fair Inc. will have the right to evacuate the booth. In this case, the main exhibitor which has a signature in the contract accepts and guarantees that they will not demand recompense for any damage and will also recompense for any damage Parantez Fair Inc. may experience.
    • Noise level within the booth limits may not exceed 80 db. Even if they have given approval beforehand, the expo field management has the authority to limit or prohibit the activity which causes noise, visual pollution, dust, vibration or other emissions or any other activities causes excessive disturbance to the other exhibitors.
    • All the banners, lighting armatures and roofs on the saloon roof are the included parts of the booth design. So, it should be within the presentation booth area.
    • The only allowed gases for the gas-filled balloons and other flying objects are helium and air. Kitchenware that requires gas is not allowed.
    • 30 minutes after the expo closing hour, the electricity of the booths will be cut off. After the closing hour, the exhibitors who demand to work on their booth installations are not allowed to enter the exhibition area due to general safety rules.
    • During the exhibition, the earliest entrance hour is 09:00 a.m. for the exhibitors. Entrance to the exhibition area before 09:00 a.m. is forbidden due to general safety rules.


    • Please refer to the following "Entry-Exit Schedule for the Fair Ground" and act accordingly to it in order to avoid any problems during the Installation and Exit periods of the field.

      Installation starts on 18 March 2019 at 12:00 p.m., and continues until the fair opening date 20 March 2019 till 03:00 a.m.
      Removal starts at 05:30 p.m. on the last day of the fair (23 March 2019) and to be finalized until 11:59 p.m. on 24 March 2019 Sunday.
    NOTE: The fairground is suitable and permitted working for 24-hour. (Day&Night)
      • Forklift and crane service is given free of charge by Parantez Fair Inc. This service only consists of the transportation of the machines or booth materials to the booth area. For special installation and removal operations, forklift and crane services are not provided by Parantez Fair Inc. For extra forklift and crane service demands, the exhibitors should contact REDS LOGISTICS company.

    • The installation and the removal of the custom design booth are completely under responsibility of the exhibitor company and its decorator. The exhibitor company and its decorator should move according to the entry-exit schedule of the field in their installation and removal operations.
    • The construction material brought to the expo field by the exhibitor or its decorator should be ready for mounting.
    • In the expo field, during the installation and application of the booth, the following materials and tools are prohibited to be used: plaster dust – plaster application, welding or spiral use, except the joint welding for the modules brought to the area, any type of painting with spraying or brush or roll, wood cutting (saw use) lack of dust absorber machine and sandpapering, 400w or higher ıllumination armature, nail gun use.
    • It is prohibited to drill the walls, wall panels, aluminum materials or similar stable materials, to nail or paint them, to use adhesives other than double sided bands and to damage the expo stable area. Otherwise, the exhibitor will be held responsible to pay for any damage caused.
    • The exhibitor company should have decorator make the necessary electricity, air and water connection on the booth installation. Electricity, air and water connection not made by the decorator company will be made by the technical crew of Sedef Grup for a charge to decorator company.
    • Exhibitors and decorators should complete the booth installations until 20 March 2019, 03:00 a.m. Any machine or equipment arriving after 03:00 a.m. on 20 March 2019 Wednesday, will not be allowed to enter.
    • The Exhibitors and decorators should evacuate the expo field from 23 March 2019 Saturday 17:30 till 24 March 2019 Sunday, 23:59. The booths and materials which are not removed until mentioned time from the expo field will be removed by the technical crews of the expo field management without any further notice. All costs of this operation will be invoiced to the related decorator company or the Exhibitor. Also, the Exhibitor is responsible to pay $2,500 + VAT for every hour in cash and repeatedly in 24 hours that is delayed because the booth area not being vacant. Parantez Fair Inc. will not to be held responsible for any damage, loss or cost which may occur during the removal.
    • For safety reasons, during the installation and removal process, any material or tool which may be an obstacle cannot be placed on the corridors. All materials must remain within the boundaries of the booth. Cleaning workers of the hall will remove the objects on the halls and the exhibitor will not have any right of compensation for any damage to them.
    • Custom design booth decorator companies may put their materials down during the expo installation and removal; however Parantez Fair Inc. is not responsible for the safety of these materials.


    • Plans and installations of custom design booths must conform with "OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDE" of the IDTM-IFM. The guide has been sent to you along with this manual.
    • Exhibitors and decorators can only employ insured personnel for the installation and removal of booths and at their booths during the exhibition.
    • It is the responsibility of the exhibitors and decorators to ensure the personnel in question work in safety and security in line with legal legislation and regulations, to take all necessary precautions, to provide protective materials and distribute them to personnel, to choose and train their own personnel or subcontractor personnel in line with relevant legislation, to inspect and to make them work under their control.
    • Exhibitors and decorators must obtain "ID Card" approved by IFM (fairground management) for each and every personnel who will work in the fairground. For ID Cards, the list of personnel and the documents listed below for the abovementioned personnel must be sent to and e-mail addresses before the installation of the exhibition.
    Documents requested for personnel who will work in the fairground:
    - Statement of employment
    - Health Conformity Document (Can work at night and aloft, approved by on-site doctor)
    - Basic Occupational Health and Safety and Working at Height Training Document
    - Professional Competence Certificate
    - Personal Protective Material Delivery and Training Record
    - Driving License for personnel who are driving vehicles
    - Operating Certificate for personnel who are using equipment/machinery
    • Personnel who have no ID Cards will not be allowed to enter to the fairground.


    ELECTRICITY Provided by Parantez Fair for free of charge Provided by Parantez Fair up to 10 KW.
    Over 10 KW, 15 TL+VAT per KW
    WATER Provided by Parantez Fair for free of charge 250 TL + VAT
    PRESSURED AIR Provided by Parantez Fair for free of charge 250 TL + VAT
    INTERNET (Wi-Fi) Provided by Parantez Fair for free of charge  

    • Electricity, water and pressured air connection is made by Sedef Group technical crew for a charge.
    • Exhibitor companies which have custom decorations must make a demand for electricity cable installation for their booth.
    • In case the demanded KW amount is exceeded, the Exhibitor company will be responsible for any problem that may occur in the booth electricity connections.


    • Parantez Fair Inc. will be only responsible for the general security of the expo, after the expo installation, unloading and opening during visiting hours. Within the installation, unloading and visiting hours, providing security for the booth is the responsibility of the Exhibitor.
    • The third party liability insurance is provided by Parantez Fair Inc.
    • Parantez Fair Inc. does not provide any insurance for the exhibited products and personal items of the exhibitor companies.
    • Especially during the expo installation and unloading periods where the commotion is at its highest level, important materials and object that can be carried manually shouldn't be left unattended in the stand. Otherwise, in the case of a loss, Parantez Fair Inc. will not be responsible.
    • It is advised that the Exhibitors should get insurance for their own booth materials and products.


    • "Fair Exhibitor Catalogue" of IDMA Exhibition is published by Parantez Fair Inc., according to the Exhibitor Technical Information Forms which was filled in by the Exhibitors.
    • Exhibitor Technical Information Forms will be sent to you separately. The deadline for the Exhibitor companies to fill in and send those forms to Parantez Fair Inc. is 15 February 2019.
    • Parantez Fair Inc. is not to be held responsible for any problems caused by forms filled in incorrectly or incompletely.
    • Exhibitors, who did not fill and send the forms within the designated dates, should not claim to have a place in the "Fair Exhibitor Catalogue".


    • "Exhibitor Name Badges" of IDMA Expo is printed by Parantez Fair Inc., according to the Exhibitor Technical Information Forms which are filled in by the Exhibitors.
    • Exhibitors should notify in written forms the name, surname, duty, company name of the personnel who will stand at their booths.
    • Exhibitor Name Badges which will be printed beforehand for the Exhibitors can be received from the "Exhibitor Counter" which will be located at the entrance of Foyer Area on 19-20 March 2019, in return for the company executive's signature. You are advised to receive Name Badges a day before the beginning of the Exhibition not to be influenced by possible crowds on the first day of the Exhibition.
    • "Name Badge" forms are included in "Exhibitor Technical Information Forms". The deadline for the Exhibitor companies to fill in and send those forms to Parantez Fair Inc. is 15 February 2019.
    • Parantez Fair Inc. is not to be held responsible for any problems caused by forms filled wrongly or incompletely.