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9th International Flour, Semolina, Corn, Bulghur, Milling Machinery Exhibition

Fair Name

IDMA 2021  - 9th International Flour, Semolina, Corn, Bulghur, Milling Machinery Exhibition


March 2021


Istanbul Expo Center, Hall 9-10-11 Yesilkoy - ISTANBUL / TURKEY

Visiting Hours

March 2021  I   10:00-19:00
March 2021  I   10:00-17:00


Exhibited Technologies

Flour, Semolina, Corn Plants / Turnkey
Cleaning and Tempering Machines and Equipment
Grinding Machines and Equipment
Screening Machines and Equipment
Conveying and Packaging Systems and Equipment
Electrical, Automation & Yield Systems

Bulghur Plant / Turnkey
Cleaning and Pre-Washing Systems
Cooking, Cooling and Drying Systems
Husking Machines and Equipment
Cracking and Polishing Machines and Equipment
Classification Systems and Equipment
Packaging Machines and Equipment


Visitors Profile

• Professional managers, investors and employees of flour, semolina, corn, rice and feed mills
• Professional managers, investors and employees of Bulgur plants
• Professional managers, investors and employees of food companies which produce connected with cereal processing industry
• International cereal and pulse buyers
• Seed producers
• Chairmen and members of non-governmental organizations and professional organizations connected with cereal and bulgur sectors
• Academicians and students who work in education and research İnstitutions
• High-level officials and employees who work in official Institutions and deal with such food, agriculture and foreign trade issues


Why should you attend?

• Wide range of machinery, products and services sought for any company are available at same place,
• The latest technologies improved regarding relevant expertise area can be seen and analyzed closely,
• The opportunity to interview with the biggest technology companies participating to the fair, to receive respond to relevant questions and to make cooperation with them,
• The possibility to compare companies developing similar Technologies and accordingly, the technologies improved by such companies,
• The possibility to have knowledge about many issues, such as latest technological improvements, developing markets, production-consumption data in the world, new trends, etc. by means of the activities arranged within the scope of the fair.