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300 sheep to per farmer to boost feed sector


Applications for the project “300 sheep plus the minimum wage,” announced by Ahmet Eşref Fakıbaba, the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, have started. It is reported that this project will cause a huge revival in the feed sector. The need for feed will be met following the evaluation of non-cultivated fields.
Together with the contractual production model, it is aimed to commence production at unused pasture area in villages, to utilize from sheep pen at full capacity, to increase the number of sheep in the country and to bring social security for sheepmen. Additionally, it is aimed to increase meat production through improvement in small cattle. Recently, the government faced with criticism due to rising imports of meat and struggling domestic production.
Within the scope of the project, TIGEM will sell up to 300 small cattle to farmers after signing an agreement through Ziraat Bank. The advance payment will be made for caring, feeding and animal welfare.
Breeders will have the guarantee that lambs will be bought and the minimum price for this will be determined. With 300 sheep per breeder, project 500 thousand head of small cattle will be procured. “Pasture area for production, the productivity of coarse fodder, gender and age, ownership of animal shelter, and being in husbandry business” will be taken into account while evaluating applicants.

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