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Ahi Evran University to increase roughage diversity


Dr. Vatan Karakaya, the rector of the Ahi Evran University (AEU) said that they would encourage the prominent farmers to diversify the production in order to solve the roughage scarcity in Kırşehir, one of the important centers of animal husbandry in Turkey.
Karakaya stated that AEU were among the 5 universities selected by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) within the scope of a pilot project in the branches of “agriculture” and “geothermal” pilot and also said that they attach special importance to the production of roughage among forage plants. Karakaya pointed out that they made various trial productions at the Agricultural Faculty in order not to be obliged to the cultivation of barley and wheat, especially in the steppe lands, and he mentioned that among them there were plants such as “fodder melon” and “switch grass” which will meet the succulent feed demand.
Noting that there are 12 thousand 80 cattle businesses in Kırşehir, Karakaya stated that it is unacceptable that only 5 percent of the roughage needs in such a city can be met. Karakaya said: “We will try to release our farmers from being obliged to barley and wheat. If there is a plant that gives the same amount of protein obtained from 5 kilograms of barley or wheat with 1 kilogram, then we will prefer this plant. We will cooperate with our prominent farmers. We will perform planting in their fields and follow the processes and guide them. Thus, we will start a forward-looking roughage move in Kırşehir. “

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