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Consume bread against cancer: Turkish President’s Chief Advisor


Prof. Dr. İbrahim Saraçoğlu, the pioneer academician of consuming natural products for health, reacted against some experts’ remarks against consuming bread, adding that the whole wheat bread should be consumed against cancer and diabetes. The presidential advisor Saraçoğlu claimed that Anatolian people’s genetic structure is evolved in a way suitable for the bread.
Saying that he consumes bread and cannot stop eating bread, Saraçoğlu added that, “Some said, ‘don’t consume bread.’ I don’t understand where they get this understanding. People should consume bread particularly against cancer and diabetes.” Saraçoğlu underlined that people should eat whole wheat bread, adding that bread prevents high blood pressure, protects metabolism from illness and acts as a preventer.
Prof. Dr. Saraçoğlu noted that the whole wheat bread is nutritious, filling and with vitamins. Bread made up of corn flour is helpful against skin disease, he stated. “When you look at people from the Black Sea region of Turkey, you will realize that there are fewer pores on their faces. The reason is that they consume corn bread. Anyone that wishes to have such beautiful skin should prefer corn bread. Corn flour is a protector against eczema and psoriasis as well,” he maintained.

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