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Establish a feed technology institute, ministry suggests


The 5th Agricultural Research Advisory Committee (TADAK) meeting held by Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock brought forward some suggestions for feed manufacturers. The meeting especially focused on the importance of R&D activities that the food sector lacks. Feed manufacturers also had the opportunity to hear about some suggestions. Senior representatives of professional organizations and non-governmental organizations received suggestions on which R&D projects to prioritize. The following suggestions made for Turkish Feed Manufacturer’s Association:• Conduct studies on processing and preserving feed raw materials and roughage. For example, decreasing broken grain rates for corn, preventing toxication etc.• Develop a ‘Feed Evaluating System’ that will include feed raw material and foodstuff profile of Turkey.• Conduct studies on feed technologies. Such as comparing milling systems, contribution of heat treatment applications to hygiene and feed materials etc.• Work for establishing a technology institute for feed manufacturing.• Concentrate on studies for utilizing products that are specific for Turkey such as hazelnut and its by-products and juice industry by-products in the feed industry.• Conduct studies to eliminate discrepancies between analyses of different laboratories.• Conduct studies on developing alternative protein sources.

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