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Feedtech purchases a feed plant in Ireland


Feedtech which is one of the leading feed technology companies, has invested 5m euros and bought a fish feed factory at Westport, Ireland which has not been operated for four years. According to Milliyet Newspaper, the factory has been turned into a giant cat-dog feed plant. Ireland’s first Turkish food and pet investment was opened by Regional Minister of Economic Development Michael Ring. It is stated that Plant is built on 40 acres of open space and conprises 6 thousand square meters of closed space.

EXPORT TO EUROPEAN COUNTRIESRasim Selçuk, Chairman of Feedtech, who has been exporting to nearly 20 countries, said the followings about his new investments: “Our customer, who dominates 40 percent of the world’s fish feed market, has taken the plant of the Nutreco group and turned it into a pet food manufacturing factory. Beside our brand Buddy, we will increase exports with Pets Choice, Ecodog and Ecocat. Ireland is a country famous for its natural environment and is a country where agriculture and livestock breeding are highly developed. We will produce feeds by using meat, which is a by-product of these animals. We aim to grow by selling high quality feed which we produce in Europe to the UK and other European countries. “

WE WILL MAKE MORE INVESTMENTWhile Irish Regional Minister of Economic Development Michael Ring was inaugurating the Factory, the Turkish Ireland Ambassadoe Levent Burhan, who spoke at the ceremony, said: “As our businessman Rasim Selçuk realized in Ireland, a large-scale investment is a proud initiative for our country. Moreover, it is pleasing to more investment will be made. Representation at the ministerial level at the opening, shows the importance attributed to these investment. This initiative is a great example for potential businessmen who are investing in a country that is a member of the EU which is our most important economic and commercial partner. As the Embassy of Dublin congratulates our businessmen, we are ready to help them wity all we can. “

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