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Kaper Makina starts a turnkey feed mill project


IDMA Milling Machinery Exhibition continues to bear fruits both for its participants and visitors. Izmir-based Kaper Makina Sistemleri, a participant of the 2017 IDMA Exhibition, announced that it came to an agreement for a turnkey feed mill project. Kaper Makina held talks with Selim Mirioğlu, the founder and owner of Özmirioğlu Cotton Oil Industry and Trade Limited Company that visited Kaper’s booth and as a result of these talks, two companies agreed on building a feed mill.
Özmirioğlu gave green light to Kaper Makine for the turnkey feed mill project which will produce 20 tons of feed per hour. Kaper Makina said that the manufacturing and assembly processes have been ongoing, adding that they plan the mill to be operational in July. Founded in 2011, Kaper Makina Sistemleri operates in feed mills spare parts, import and export rollers and imports dies. Founded by Metin Lala, the company achieved to provide machinery and units for feed mills and began to install turnkey feed mills in various places by the end of its first year.
Beginning to operate as a representative for German Münch Edelstahl; Kaper Makina has provided spare parts to flour mills and has become a business partner to companies that give service to feed and flour sectors since 2014.

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