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New general manager appointed at Ankara Public Bread


Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Tuna continues to change bureaucrats at the municipality and general manager of companies. In accordance with this, Tuna has removed Ali İlkbahar from Ankara Public Bread, who had been the general manager since 1994 and appointed Ahmet Sarıduman, one of the chief advisors of his predecessor Melih Gökçek.
Following his appointment to the General Manager of Ankara Public Bread Company, Ahmet Sarıduman said on his social media accounts that, “About this appointment, I thank Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Tuna for his approbation. Mr. Ali İlkbahar, whom I took over this duty, had devoted his life so that people in Ankara would consume clean and healthy bread. Under his supervision, Ankara Public Bread Company has turned into an exemplary company for Turkey. Surely, we will utilize from his experience.”
Ali İlkbahar, the former manager of the Public Bread Factory, and Melih Gökçek, former Ankara Metropolitan Mayor, have been friends for 48 years. İlkbahar had been the general manager of the factory when Melih Gökçek had been elected as the Metropolitan Mayor of Ankara in 1994.

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