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150 million dollars of export contacts established in IDMA 

The exhibitor companies in IDMA Exhibition which is organized in the recession of the Turkish economy hit the spot. The exhibition, which lasted 4 days, mediated the establishment of more than $ 150 million in exports.

International Flour, Feed, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulgur, Milling Machines and Pulses, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition IDMA, which opened its doors for the eighth time on 20-23 March 2019 in Istanbul Expo Center, sweetened the sector up.

Zübeyde Kavraz, Chairwoman of Parantez Fair, organizer of IDMA stated that the newest technologies from feed, wheat and flour technologies were exhibited in IDMA and more than 200 companies from 26 countries participated and 6 thousand 135 people across 105 countries visited the exhibition.

Zübeyde Kavraz stated that they have mediated the establishment of millions of dollars of business connection in favor of the Turkish economy with the fairs they have organized so far. "Our fair was instrumental in the establishment of many business contacts. Investors coming from countries such as Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Germany, Algeria, Senegal, Oman, Serbia, Tunisia, Spain, France, Mauritania, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania and Mali have signed more than 100 agreements and preliminary agreements for turn-key flour, feed, pulses and warehouse projects. Romania team signed an agreement with Turkish companies for the establishment of three turnkey factories. Qatari companies shook hands with Turkish companies to build feed plants," she said.

Zübeyde Kavraz stated that the fair was the biggest organization bringing the world milling industry together under one roof and said "Despite the economic shrinkage, IDMA pleased both the participant and the visitors this year and our fair was very successful. We managed to bring more than 2 thousand 968 foreign visitors to our country. Domestic and foreign companies participating in the fair established numerous business connections. 150 million dollar export agreements were signed only during the fair. Thanks to the links established at the fair, I hope that there will be a further $ 350-400 million business connection."

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) Chairman Ismail Gülle visited the IDMA Exhibition which contributes immensely to the country's economy and the booths of the exhibitor companies. İsmail Gülle closely interested in exporting companies thanked the organizers of IDMA on behalf of the company owners who expressed their gratitude for the intense participation from abroad. Pointing out that he came across with many different investor profiles, Gülle noted that exports are an indispensable instrument for the country.

Gülle, who said he was so pleased with the business connections established by the companies at the fair, was accompanied by Erhan Özmen, Chairman of the Southeastern Anatolian Flour Industrialists' Association (GUSAD) and Zübeyde Kavraz, Chairwoman of the Parantez Group. Ahmet Güldal, Chairman and General Manager of the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) also visited the exhibition and wished success to the participating companies.

The Mill Truck, which was produced in consequence of the extended R&D activities of Turkish and German companies, Intermilling-Kastenmüller and displayed for the first time at IDMA Exhibition, was in the limelight of the exhibition. Mill Truck, which attracted great interest from visitors, was sold to Africa on the first day of the exhibition. The companies received 3 orders for the Mill Truck which was mounted on a truck trailer and has a daily capacity of 24 tons. The Mill Truck can easily be transported to a disaster area and can start production immediately. Thus, it can help avoid any food shortages during disasters. Representatives of the company were very satisfied with such a great interest and said that they will participate in the exhibition with a larger broader booth next time.

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40 procurement committees, 27 visitor groups, 86 confirmed countries
Countdown for IDMA 2019
The sector players who want to invest in flour, feed, rice, pulses, pasta, and biscuit industries are counting the days for IDMA, the only international milling technology exhibition. IDMA Exhibition, which will be held for the eighth time on 20-23 Mach 2019, is directing the sector one more time with procurement committee from 40 countries, visitor groups from 27 countries and thousands of visitors from 86 countries who have been already registered

IDMA - International Flour, Feed, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulghur, Milling Machinery & Pulse, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition, is preparing to host thousands of professional investors from all around the world for the eighth time on 20-23 March 2019 at Istanbul Expo Center.

Exhibition organizer Parantez International Fair is continuing to get support from leading associations, unions and other non-governmental organizations upon its promotional activities conducted across 144 countries and to plan group participation. The fair company approved the participation from 86 countries by the end of December 2018. The company conducting collaborative work with 58 associations from all over the world achieved to get approval for group-based participations from 27 countries.

Assertive about the visitors, Parantez gained a significant advantage regarding procurement committees. Under the coordinatorship of Turkish Ministry of Commerce and with the organization of Central Anatolian Exporters Union (OAIB), procurement committees will be brought to 8th IDMA Exhibition from many locations of the world notably from Africa and South America.

Parantez Fair will support OAİB's studies towards Procurement Committees with its data over 90-thousand-professionals covering 144 countries and its team conducting promotions in 5 languages. Together with this strong collaboration, Procurement Committees from approximately 40 countries will be brought to IDMA.

The fair organizer company Parantez International Fair continues its one-to-one promotions as well as attending events on numerous points on the globe and making use of every channel such as press, social media and digital marketing in an optimum way for amplifying the visitor population of IDMA, the address of sector representatives seeking for profitable investments.

Furthermore, Parantez tries to think of ways to provide economic convenience for the visitors and, for this purpose, Parantez made an agreement with Turkish Airlines (THY) for a 20-percent-discount for providing an economic flight to the passengers coming to Turkey-İstanbul for IDMA 2019 Exhibition. Together with this agreement, THY, which is a leading global airline, became the "Official Airline" of IDMA 2019 exhibition.

The Milling Training that has been started for contributing to the qualified workforce of the milling, flour and feed sectors will be held for the third time on 21-23 March 2019 under the roof of IDMA. Certified Milling Training, which was given in IDMA 2013 for the first time and in IDMA 2015 for the second time and aroused great interest, will be realized under the organization of TABADER, leading Turkish sectorial association.

The training will be held at two separate halls towards flour and feed industries in English and Turkish simultaneously. On the first day of the three-day training; common topics that concern both the flour and feed industries such as energy management, innovation, R&D, P&D, quality control, and risk analyses will be discussed. On the following two days, subjects like special storing techniques for grain (flour) milling and feed milling, new global trends, diagram, additives and vitamins, quality control, automation, machinery and mechanical maintenance, ration preparation, preliminary purification and crushing lines will be discussed. The theoretical training that will be given by expert academicians and industry representatives will be supported with new product and technology demos that will be organized in the fairground. The participants will take their certificates at the end of the three-day training. Detailed information and registration form are available at




Future of milling to be determined at IDMA, only international exhibition of the sector
IDMA, the world's only international fair for milling machinery, cereals and pulses processing technologies, is again going to be the address for those who want to make advantageous investments with its overseas promotions, strong collaborations with sectoral associations, its publications reaching to 85 thousand professionals across 150 countries and with its Parantez International Fair experience exceeding 15 years. The future of the milling sector will be determined at IDMA again, International Flour, Feed, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulghur, Milling Machinery & Pulse, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition, and the wheels of the industry will turn at IDMA.

Grain is one of the most strategic products of today because it constitutes the grist of many foodstuffs and has a very critical place in feeding the world. Many countries are conducting R&D studies towards increasing the efficiency in grains in order to guarantee food safety. FAO has updated its forecast for worldwide cereal production in 2017 now stands at 2 billion 640 million tons. This figure is a world record.  Along with the production, grain trade is also in an increasing trend. According to International Grains Council (IGC), grain trade will make an unprecedented peak in 2017/18 year with a volume of 361 million tons. This increasing strategic value and corresponding production figures increase the importance of the milling sector which constitutes a critical chain for grain to be processed until it comes to our tables as food.

IDMA, International Flour, Feed, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulghur Milling Machinery & Pulse, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition, which comprehends this critical matter and has taken the road with the aim of being a platform providing the milling sector an opportunity for technology and information sharing, is tasting the excitement of opening its gates for the eighth time. IDMA, which has succeeded attracting many investors from all around the world in 2017, despite the year when the entire world experienced recession, is aiming at increasingly sustaining this success in 2019 as well. Parantez International Fair, the organizer of the exhibition, is continuing its promotion activities with its headquarter in Istanbul and representations all around the world. Within this scope, a continuous contact is being made with 85 thousand professionals and sector representatives in 150 countries across 5 continents. IDMA is being promoted through phone calls and via e-mails to the people who are included in the data that have been constituted over the focus of 15 years. The IDMA excitement is being kept alive with the sectoral posts in the social media. The significance of the exhibition is announced through both the stands and the visits paid to the industry representatives in the international fairs. Parantez is both keeping its finger on the pulse of the sector and keeping updated of all the latest developments with every moment thanks to the reference magazines of flour and feed sectors existing within its own structure, namely; Miller, Değirmenci, Feed Planet and BBM Magazines. Information sharing is conducted through regularly organized technical training and conferences and the close contact with the representatives of the sector is kept alive. The exhibition has already taken the support of more than 60 foreign sectoral associations and a large number of international publications. IDMA team is focusing over Africa and the Middle East market where milling machinery manufacturers are keeping an eye on investment opportunities and the Black Sea basin which is starting to say a voice in the global grain markets. Southeastern Asia and Latin America are also among the regions where a heavy campaign is being carried out. Approximately 10 thousand sector professionals are expected to visit IDMA 2019 as a consequence of these promotional activities.

IDMA, world's only international exhibition for milling machinery, cereals and pulses processing technologies, is again going to be the address for those who want to make advantageous investments with its overseas promotions, strong collaborations with sectoral associations, its publications reaching to 85 thousand professionals across 150 countries and with its experience of Parantez International Fair exceeding 15 years. The future of the milling sector will be determined at IDMA again, International Flour, Feed, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulghur, Milling Machinery & Pulse, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition, and the wheels of the industry will turn at IDMA.

8th IDMA which will open its gates between 20 and 23 March will be held in Istanbul Expo Center-Istanbul, the largest and rooted fairground in Turkey. Over 280 Turkish and international brands including the top brands from milling and cereals and pulses processing technologies sectors will open booths and present their latest technologies in the exhibition that will take place on an area of 38 thousand square meters in total.

• Grain and Flour Mill Technologies
• Bulghur Production Technologies
• Feed Productıon Technologies
• Rice and Pulses Processing Technologies
• Pasta Production Technologies
• Biscuıt Production Technologies
• Grain and Pulses Storage Technologies
• Laboratory Equipment
• Spare Parts and Sub-Industry Products