Public Statement September 2022

Dear industry stakeholders,


As HAGE GROUP, we continue to add value to our country, develop the exhibition sector and create opportunities in the business world with our exhibitions. We are working with all our strength to grow our values and contribute to our exports by doing our job in the best way. In this context, we acquired IDMA Fairs, an important fair brand of our country, and its affiliated company PARANTEZ ULUSLARARASI FUAR YAPIM A.Ş. in 2020 and incorporated it into our group.


After our investment in 2020, IDMA Fairs and PARANTEZ ULUSLARARASI FUAR YAPIM A.Ş. became one of the companies of HAGE GROUP with all rights and operations. Muhammet Ali KALKAN, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HAGE GROUP, is the sole representative of IDMA Fairs, which is one of the important fair organizations in the world and has proven its success in the sector for many years. We would like to provide accurate information to the public by making a transparent statement based on the fact that PARANTEZ ULUSLARARASI FUAR YAPIM A.Ş., which we have acquired and incorporated into HAGE GROUP companies, has been confused with Parantez Media Group and has created question marks in the sector. IDMA Fairs are one of the registered trademarks of HAGE GROUP and all IDMA Fairs are managed and organized by HAGE GROUP.


In order not to cause more confusion and misunderstandings, we have started the necessary work to register the title of our company named PARANTEZ INTERNATIONAL FAIR PRODUCTION INC. as IDMA INTERNATIONAL FAIR PRODUCTION INC. Within the framework of our transparent management approach, we will share our application with the whole sector when it is officially approved.


With our IDMA Fairs, we will continue to set the trends of the sector, increase exports, add value to the sector and be the gateway of our manufacturers to the world. We will work with all our strength to make IDMA Fairs the biggest organization that brings together the representatives of the sector in the world under one roof.


We submit for public information


Muhammet Ali KALKAN

HAGE GROUP Chairman of the Board

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